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2019 #Wine | Schwedhelm winery from Pfaltz, Moscow

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

That was a good experience to know about Schwedhelm modern and nice small German winery from Pfalz area, and do the tasting of their Rieslings.

Schwedhelm, Germany

Stephan Schwedhelm oenologst and #winemaker was presenting the estate and told a lot of interesting facts about everything, family business history, vineyards treatment, how did he come to enology, where did he study, how does he work with vines, how do they grow the grapes with organic methods usage, how do they manage full winery business with his brother and many many other things.

It’s always great to talk with a passionate person about the things he loves, winemaking is his life and he enjoys it every day.

Schwedhelm, Germany

The wines we tasted

Schwedhelm, Germany

Müller-Thurgau 2017

Nose: citrus, pineapple, peach, melon

Palate: mango, melon, lime

Schwedhelm, Germany

Gewürztramíner Spätlese 2017

Nose: rose petal, citrus, green melon, tropical

Palate: fruit cup, pineapple, rose water, apple, apricot, melon

Schwedhelm, Germany

Riesling 2017 Gutsweine

Nose: minerals, lime, green apple, straw

Palate: peach, citrus, stone, apple, white flowers

Schwedhelm, Germany

Riesling Zellertal 2017 Ortsweine

Nose: minerals, lime, peach, green apple, apricot, pear, grass

Palate: honey, lemon, melon, apple, stone, orange

Schwedhelm, Germany

Riesling Kabinett 2017 Karlspfad Erste Lage

Nose: caramel, citrus, peach, orange blossom, banana, tropical

Palate: apricot, lemon, fresh grapes, caramel, mango

Schwedhelm, Germany

Riesling Schwarzer Herrgott 2016 Grosse Lage

Nose: minerals, peach, lemon peel, oil, tropical, apricot, melon

Palate: white peach, citrus, honey, green mango, lime zest, oak

Stephan told they produce also Spätburgunders, my lovely #PinotNoir, but they are not yet supplying it to Moscow. So this‘s the one I’m awaiting impatiently now.

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