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2019 #Wine | Lake Neusiedl Austrian wines, Moscow

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

First day of spring I’ve met in a good company, tasting great wines from Lake Neusiedl, Burgenland one of the biggest wine areas in Austria.

Austrian wine

Unfortunately #Austria is not a country, which you guys will remember talking about wine - that’s a mistake, believe me. Yes, this country is not that well-known and perfectly organized in terms of wine rules like their famous, lovely neighbours, but this land produces a lot of super interesting and really good wines. They are absolutely worth attracting your attention, and, most probably, becoming a habit to drink them everyday.

Austrian wine

Frankly speaking, I’m in love with Austrian wines as I’m a #PinotNoir junkie you know, so I never can miss a good Austrian Blaufränkish, Sankt Laurent or Zweigelt the autochthonous grapes gives a bit similar cool style like Pinot Noir wines, well-known all over the world. They are definitely elegant, light and complex.

Besides perfect red wines Austria produces famous Rieslings, which sometimes, depending on a producer, can beat even my lovely German ones. Apparently in Austria you can find a lot of #Riesling varieties matching your preferences, fruity but super dry in the same time, light or bold, crunchy or more rounded. 

Moreover, surprisingly (shame on me, I never tried earlier) Austria produces not a bad #Sekt sparkling wine. If you’re a prosecco fan, try to change your habits to Austrian Sekts. The only issue perhaps it’ll be very hard to find somewhere outside of Austria, but it’s good reason to plan a trip to this beautiful country though.

Austrian wine

The wines we tasted.

Pinot Blanc, Austria

PRIELER Pinot Blanc Ried Seeberg 2017 Leithaberg

Nose: citrus, peach, minerals, chamomile, straw, bread yeast, green mango

Palate: apple, stone, cheesy, allspice, pear, honey, white peach, straw

Sankt Laurent, Ausrtia

UMATHUM Sankt Laurent Klassik 2013 Neusiedlersee

Nose: leather, raspberry, blackcurrant, strawberry, vanilla, violet, prune, earthy, coffee, jam, red cherry, pepper, smoke

Palate: cherry, graphite, truffle, oak, blackberry, cranberry, forest floor, juniper, fig

Blaufrankisch, Austria

E&T TRIEBAUMER Blaufränkish Ried Rusterberg 2016 Leithaberg

Nose: earthy, dark chocolate, blackcurrant, cherry, aniseed, tobacco, blueberry, mint, smoke

Palate: balsamic, oak, vanilla, minerals, violet, pepper, black cherry, raspberry, plum, citrus, sour cherry

Zweigelt, Austria

JUDITH BECK Zweigelt 2016 Neusiedlersee

Nose: black fruit, pepper, strawberry, minerals, eucalyptus, pomegranate, blackcurrant, toast, vanilla, citrus

Palate: sour cherry, cassis, earthy, violet, pear, cranberry, blackberry, grapefruit

Zweigelt, Austria

KRACHER Zweigelt Beerenauslese 2016 Neusiedlersee

Nose: ginseng, raisin, marzipan, chocolate, strawberry, plum, cinnamon, apricot, dried fruit, rose petal, ginger, caramel, cream, pear, honey

Palate: vanilla, raspberry, dried fruit, gingerbread, brown sugar, hazelnut, toffee, oaky, acacia, cherry syrup, molasses, iron, baked apple

Sekt, Austria

SZIGETI Welschriesling Sekt Brut Klassik g.U. Burgenland Neusiedlersee

Nose: yellow apple, minerals, lemon, brioche, green mango, grass, yeast

Taste: citrus, almond, peach, honey, lychee, bread, butter, apple

Special thanks to amazing Lana Morozova for this evening and great wines‘ choice.

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