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2019 #Wine | Armagnac diving, Moscow

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Attending a master class with tasting and amazing lecture, full of super interesting info about not that much famous as it's neighbour, but definitely not less great, French spirit Armagnac. This is how a perfect springish Friday evening could look like.


The Armagnac diving was leading by awesone Elina Denisova - Armagnac Ambassador for Russia of Bureau National Interprofessionnel de l'Armagnac B.N.I.A. from Gascogne, Armagnac, France, real Mousquetaire, member of Mousquetaires society in Armagnac #Gascogne, sommelier, wine expert and simply great person.

A lot of history and unknown details were given during the lecture, the facts nobody never heard before (even nobody told us about them in our wine school), story of D'Artagnan and other mousquetairs, their society, their rules and so on.


Professional full explanation was given about #Gascogne and Armagnac region, terroirs, AOCs, climate, grape varieties, distillation process, production steps, aging nuances, right classification types, etc. I was surprised how much info I missed earlier about Armagnac, even if I studied it in my wine school.


Elina also gave priceless suggestions about food pairing and cocktails' creation based on #Armagnac and, for sure, explained how to drink it right.

Armagnac is absolutely a meditation drink, which does not accept any hurry - you need to have plenty of time to enjoy its full. Fill the glass in, sit down, relax and think about something good. Armagnac needs to wait, no hurry at all, once you put it in the glass, don't drink it immediately, wait for half an hour at least, it will opens with stunning aromas and taste.


Btw our #Armagnacdiving was going 5 (!) hours, we've started at 7pm and finished at midnight - no one even tried to get out of the room, it was so interesting to know everything Elina told, so everyone stayed till the end. I would say it was one of the best wine lectures I had so far.


The Armagnacs we tasted.


Lafontan Blanche Armagnac

Nose: flowers, grapefruit, white peach, citrus blossom, magnolia, pear

Palate: quince, pink lady apple, kiwi, tangerine, orange blossom


Clos Martin VS Armagnac 3 years

Nose: grapefruit, peach, apple blossom, pear, caramel, quince, citrus

Palate: apple, orange blossom, prune, tobacco, coffee, plum, apricot


Marquis de Montesquiou Reserve Armagnac

Nose: tobacco, chocolate, pepper, plum souce, yellow apple, vanilla, walnut, orange, cocoa, cream

Palate: butter, cedar, plum, honey, apricot, flowers, orange peel, toffee, espresso


Darroze Les Grand Assemblages Bas-Armagnac 8 years

Nose: plum, caramel, orange peel, quince, oak, fig, citrus blossom

Palate: citrus, prune, orange, tobacco leaf, espresso, plum sauce, apricot, asian pear


Delord XO Bas-Armagnac

Nose: chocolate, plum, apple, pepper, vanilla, pine nut, cocoa, cream, peach, orange, cigar box

Palate: almond, butter, cracked pepper, cedar, black plum, apricot, honey, orange peel

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