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2019 #BasqueCountry | Urdaibai

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

The place, definitely worth visiting once you're in Basque Country, is Urdaibai the natural biosfera with super clean air, oak groves and leafy woods (615 species), fantastic landscape with rivers going directly to Atlantic ocean, amazing beaches, green mountains and a wide variety of migratory and resident birds (245 species). I was driving up there along Atlantic coast from Lekeitio side, so I enjoyed an incredible mountain serpentine with tons of awesome trees on my way, and of course birds singing around (don't forget to open your car's windows on the way, believe me it worth).

The #Urdaibai estuary is a Biosfera Reserve, located on the bay of Biscay coast. The area covers around 220 square km. The territory is characterized by a hydrographic basin of small streams that merge in a great salt marsh surrounded by high sheer cliffs.

The landscape is formed with mountains, sea and sands, which are produced by the sediments of the estuary, where marshes are flooded by the tides. This area has the most diverse landscape of the Basque Country. The river Laga go directly to the sea and ends in Laga´s beach, which is incredibly beautiful with that cliff rock at the end.

The area of #Urdaibai is composed by different environments, each of which has its own vegetation and animals that create their own ecosystem. To the north, at the mouth of the estuary, the sands of Laida line the shore of the Oka river.

The lagoon is made up by small dunes forming its shallow landscape, ending up as Laida beach on the Atlantic coast side.

The slopes of the mountains and coastal area are covered by cantabrian forests with oaks down to the sea's edge. The flora that is developed in Urdabai, is clearly an Atlantic base. There are a lot of meadows, oak groves, kush forests and plenty of Monterey pines.

Follow a wise slowlife principle and take a moment to stop at one of the several small bars located at Laida beach, to appreciate great lagoon views.

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