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2019 #Croatia | Split, Adriatic coast

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Meeting with Croatian part of #Adriaticcoast for a couple of spring days was a nice surprise for me. I've been in this country, located on Adriatic seashore, many many years ago and barely remember emotions I got that time. But at this moment it was really amazing, maybe because I love a seaside in the low season or just because this country is really awesome, don't know. Anyways #Split - a small and nice croatian town located right on the seashore, worth telling about it and, of course, visiting.

Apparently walking along the seaside is a real pleasure (I've got downstairs at Radisson Blu resport and was heading up till Posk beach and a bit further). The area is absoultely awesome, calm, quite, peaceful and sunny. Even though it's an early spring time, but nothing can beat this amazing color of the water...

...and deep blue sky.

There is a well managed long promenade where people are walking, running, riding bicycles and simply enjoying nice weather and perfect seashore.

Beaches are small in size, made of stones and definitely super clean.

Not sure if any kind of fish lives there, but seems it happens sometimes to catch something, at least this guy was trying hard.

There are plenty of bars & restaurants along the #beach, where you can just sit in front of water, sip your glass of wine and enjoy the day.

Passing through a nice marina where small local #boats are kept...

...and repaired during a low winter season, to get them well prepared to upcoming summer.

You can take a break right in the marina with your cup of coffee or something else. By the way this restaurant "Kalafatic" is highly recommended, I've got a hint to it from local people and I can prove it worth. When the sun went down, later in the evening, I got a dinner there well done grilled fish and freshly baked bread is a catch, wines are good as well.

Behind the Posk there is another small beach which I can't find the name, but it's simply a gem, especially for meeting the sunset.

Local people spend their time walking with kids, meeting with friends, chatting about the latest news and relaxing during these warm spring days.

Upstairs right in the middle of the beach is a beautiful view.

"Tennis Day & Night bar" is an ideal spot for perfect sunset chill, they have relaxing atmosphere, nice people and pleasant service.

Just do it simple way, take your glass, drop yourself in a chair and enjoy your time. Croatian #wine is a brand new finding for me, surely will explore it more further, and recommend it to everyone too.

Another bar "Mythos", right next door, is also a nice place to grab a drink or two.

The colors of the #sunset are just stunning...

...and this is #nofilter at all.

#lifehack2 it's hard to find a bar or restaurant where they accept cards, most of them work with cash, and even more in Croatia they have their local currency (HRK), so better to be prepared with some bunch of cash in your pocket or to double check at the entrance at any bar, before ordering, whether they accept cards or not.

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