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2019 #Croatia | Split

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

The downtown of Split is beautiful and contains of a small area inside the ancient Roman walls (Imperor Diocletian times) and a nice bund with a prefect walking area called Riva by locals. #Split has more than 1700 years of history, it's a second largest town in Croatia after Zagreb, and it's a capital of Dalmatia region, which is famous by their #wine production (I can't keep silence if anything is connected with wine, you know).

As I was heading up to downtown from the seashore side, I passed the big port where all the huge boats and ferries are taking off. As Split is located in the middle of Adriatic cost of #Croatia just in front of Italy and literally almost behind the corner from Greece, there are a lot of ferries goes regularly from those countries and for sure connection with other croatian towns is very well managed.

If you're thinking to visit this nice place, or if you're already in there and think to go to other Croatian or other cities reachable by ferry, that's easy to do with those regular trips from this port.

Everything is here at your convenience, no worries how to manage your things to keep them here and enjoy a visit to Split old town.

The bund and promenade along the #seaside looks so nice and quiet at these spring days, but I can imagine what a touristic nightmare is going on here during the summer time.

The palace of Diocletian, mini-town in the town, inside these ancient walls are Domna church (the highest one visible from everywhere), Peristilium old Roman open space square and Jupiter church.

There are a lot of #bars and #restaurants, of course, on the bund, again I liked it a lot in the low season, when it's not so many people are browsing around, but I bet in summer it's going crazy being drowned by tons of tourists.

Never miss your glass of good Dalmatian #wine in one of those sea front bars meeting the sunset.

Passing by the Riva and heading up along the seashore, there is more local and I can say "real" part of the bund, with those very old ancient houses, not that fancy tavernas...

...and teeny tiny fisherman's port (you can feel strong smell of fish there, giving you notice that any fish you will eat tonight for dinner is a fresh one, caught in the morning) with statue dedicated to fish hook.

#lifehack small local taverna "Konoba Atlantida" right nearby this statue is highly recommended, super fresh fish perfectly grilled, tasty fish soup, good choice of local wines, very nice service (they kindly called for a taxi, when I needed to leave but it got rainy outside).

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