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2019 #Spain | How to get to Bilbao from Madrid airport

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

The easiest way #ALSA bus, which goes from Barajas T4 directly to Bilbao city center, the way takes 4.30 hours.

I chose this particular way taking into account a few important things: my flight arrived to Barajas very late in the evening around 22.35; I needed to move to Bilbao somehow to save as much as possible time, to be there in the morning next day; obviously I didn't want to make additional movings like going to #Madrid city center in the night time to catch up train or bus from city station. Thus thanks to ALSA they made it all simple as they have regular buses to #Bilbao going either from Madrid or from Barajas airport directly, by the way these are from Barajas much more rare ones (like 3 or 4 per day only), so you need to be sure it's matching your personal travel timeline and check the schedule on their website first. Luckily, they have the first one scheduled from Barajas at 2am arriving to Bilbao at 6.30am, and this is the Premium one (thanks, god), so that was my obvious choice.

But let’s start from the beginning... Barajas T4 in the night is simply awesome. It's just like an empty cosmic station, where you're awaiting for boarding to your space shuttle.

#lifehack if you're awaiting for your bus in the terminal for a couple of hours in the nighttime, the only one chance to get some food is McDonlads on the 2nd floor (open 24h).

To find airport ALSA station there is no problem, inside T4 you need to get to level 0, go out between gates 10 and 11, cross taxi line and find yourself under the bridge - here you are (inside the terminal there is obvious signs to it, so I used the map navigation found on ALSA website). Bus arrives to the point no earlier than 5-10 min before departure, so there is no sense to wait outside for a long in advance.

Actually ALSA have three different bus classes, from Basic to Premium one. Difference is, of course, in comfort level and price. Once you choose needed time / boarding place then you can't choose a class - it's already fixed for your schedule. So the one I needed was luckily Premium class (yes, I prefer travelling with all comfort, you know). The tickets was bought in advance on the website, I chose even my seat like in the airplane (single row costs a bit more expensive then double row), finally the cost was around 47 euro. The bus itself looks like a space shuttle.

The driver is one of the nicest bus drivers I've ever seen, helped with luggage and even a bit speaks English, also there is a hostess on board who brings you all needed stuff during whole trip - water, coffee, juices, breakfast box (all included in your price).

Leather seats made in super comfortable way (mine was number 9) like in airplane business class, so for the night time trip it's very important, I was sleeping like a baby during our whole way to Bilbao. If you don't want to sleep, you can anjoy individual screen to watch movies, listen music and all that stuff. Aircon works at super comfortable +20, light is off during whole way, individual lights are available just like in the airplane - love all that comfortable things, which made my trip so nice and easy. Even if I don't like buses and prefer cars for their individuality and comfort, I can say this bus is a catch, liked it a lot.

As it was a night scheduled bus, there were just a few of us the passengers, so it was a super nice and quiet trip, everyone slept at its own comfort.

Everything was according the schedule, driver is super professional, way to Bilbao was just enjoyable. Finally it arrives to so called "bus station", which is in fact just a teeny tiny square in the residential area of Bilbao city center. Getting taxi just right there on the square, to reach out your hotel afterwards, is no problem.

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