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2019 #Sintra | How to reach out and navigate in the town

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Sintra is an incredibly beautiful place, which shoudn’t be missed by any traveller in Portugal. This is a perfect destination for one day trip from Lisbon. 

Sintra, Portugal

To get there is quite simple - local train goes from Lisbon Rossio train station every hour, the ticket costs 5€ (incl.return), the way takes about 40 min with all stops.

Main attractions of #Sintra are: Palacio da Peña, Quinta da Regaleira, Castello dos Mouros and Sintra National Palace. They are all located in the different parts around the mountain. The question is - how to see them all in one day? Easy.

Once you arrive at Sintra train station and get out of the platform, just turn right and go 100 meters along the street till second bus stop - you need bus n.434

Sintra, Portugal

There is a bus route built based on hop on/hop off principle, buy a ticket and you can jump in / jump out anywhere you want during whole day.

Would be better if you know what exactly spots you’re going to visit as a price depends on that - sometimes there is a combination of different bus numbers and somewhere you have to walk to reach the spot (like to Quinta da Regaleira).

#lifehack don’t buy daily tourist ticket (15€) if you’re not sure you can see everything. Just explain the driver at bus entrance which exactly points you want to visit and he’ll tell you the price. Like I arrived to Sintra late (in the afternoon) and I was sure I can visit no more than 2-3 spots, so I just told the driver I would like to get to Palacio da Pena, Quinta da Regaleira and maybe Castello dos Mouros, so my whole day ticket finally cost only 6,90€.

#lifehack2 don’t use those “tuk-tuks” which locals are offering everywhere around. They won’t bring you somewhere more than the bus can bring, but their price is high - just doesn’t worth.

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