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2019 #Porto | View from Vila Nova de Gaia side

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

#VilaNovaDeGaia is well-known by two things: famous Port wine cellars and spectacular view from the other side of #Douroriver to Porto city. Both things definitely shouldn’t be missed. This post is about the view (no worries, cellars will follow in another one). The fantastic view is available from two levels bottom and top, both are reachable by crossing the river on the bridge #PonteDiDomLuis

To get to the top part find “São Bento“ metro station exit, which is the closest one to Se cathedral. Go straight on Av. Dom Alfonso Henriques heading to the river side, cathedral will be on the right hand btw don’t miss an opportunity to take a look at it, there is a nice miradouro around it with amazing city views.

After checking the cathedral go along the same street a hundred meters and you’ll simply continue stepping onto the bridge.

The views are stunning on 360 degrees, don’t miss anything, just always watch out around carefully as there is a tram line in the middle and pedestrian lines on both sides.

Once you cross the bridge and step into Vila Nova de Gaia side then postcard views of Porto are here for you to enjoy.

There is also a very nice small park...

...where you can watch a live show.

If the height is not enough yet, you can go even higher to the Monument miradouro, I guess it’s highest point in the city.

The view to Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia from there is just fascinating...

...especially on the sunset.

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