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2019 #Porto | Lello bookshop

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

#LivrariaLello is located in Clérigos area of Porto city, where you can find also University of Porto and Torre dos Clerigos. The building of Lello bookshop is beautiful from outside and it’ll be a crime to do not visit this magical place.

The visit isn’t free, so called “voucher” has to be bought, entrance to check-in zone is just in a couple of meters on the left side.

The ticket costs 5€ and it’s reductable for a book purchase (any book you buy in Lello bookshop will be then discounted with 5€).

They have a comfortable zone to leave big things like backpacks and whatsoever else bigger then handbag (entrance to bookshop with big bags isn’t available).

And of course you can buy there your magic wands, cards and all that #HarryPotter stuff.

You can try to jump into 9 3/4 platform or just simply make a photo, if you will.

The bookshop itself look stunning, awesome Art Nouveau style with wooden panels and amazing staircase in the middle, the one which is according to the legend inspired J.K.Rowllings to write a book about #Hogwarts.

In fact this’s a #bookshop selling a lot of books, mostly in Portuguese plus some in English or French ones can be found, but it’s a very beautiful bookshop.

The staircase is absolutely brilliant.

Special small area at the end of the first floor is dedicated to Harry Potter books only.

The books are certainly overpriced, good marketing needs a lot of investments though.

The interior is same fantastic as the exterior.

A lot of other great books besides Harry Potter are there. I’ve chosen #LePetitPrince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry special edition of Livraria Lello.

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