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2019 #Piemonte | E.Pira&Figli winery, Barolo

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

E. Pira & Figli winery is located right in Barolo village. The estate has a very nice history and ancient winemaking traditions. Nowadays it is run by Chiara Boschis, the daughter of Franco Boschis, who bought this winery but kept the ancient name of E.Pira as it was very well known and recognized in Barolo area for many years.

Actually Pira were an ancient family of winemakers, who were noticed in #Barolo since the 17th century and became winemakers between 19th and 20th centuries. Gigi Pira crafted his wines by blending the grapes from his own parcels of Cannubi, San Lorenzo and Via Nuova. He believed that only the best vineyards should be chosen for his wines. Pira's techniques were very traditional and he was the last #winemaker in the area left to carry out the crushing on foot and the production without any technical support.

Since 1980 the estate is run by Chiara Boschis who began to follow her passion for #wine and became one of the first Barolo women producers in the late 1980s. Taking care of this "little big house" she brought a breath of renewal to the cellar and in the production style.

Since 2010 Chiara manages the winery together with her brother Giorgio, who has a great experience in #winemaking and shares the great passion for working in the vineyard and in the cellar.

The estate owns parcels in three crus of Barolo #vineyards: Cannubi, Mosconi and Via Nuova. In the tasting room there are the samples of the soils from all of them, so you can observe very close how much they are different, to prove the diversity of #Nebbiolo grapes grown on them.

E.Pira&Figli is certified organic starting from 2014 vintage, all the works with vines are strictly manual, carried with respect for the environment. Production of the estate is very limited (about 40,000 bottles per year) and you can imagine how hard to find these wines somewhere in the world, so I was really glad to use a chance to see the winery and taste their wines.

Some of those shiny stainless steel fermentation tanks, which are rather small in size, as said above - the production is very limited in general.

Those were the days of Dolcetto grapes' harvest, so it was interesting to see when the grapes arrived to the winery...

...and taste them right upon arrival. Sugar level in Dolcetto is already quite high though.

The cellar is divided to two parts: modern, where big botti of old oak are kept...

...and old, where the only barriques of French oak are stored.

This huge vessel is a real historical ancient vat, where Pira family were pressing the grapes by feet.

Can you imagine how did they do it a hundred years ago, when there were no such techniques like destemmers, stainless steel tanks with temperature control, automatic pumping over, pneumatic presses and all that stuff, which we consider now as just regular.

Hospitality and tasting area is very nice, it has some special atmosphere of an old house Piemontese, where you feel yourself very comfortable and relaxed.

Talking about a style of Chiara Boschis wines in general, they are fruity, fresh and elegant. This time we've tasted Dolcetto, Langhe Nebbiolo and Barolo Mosconi vintage 2016, which is not yet on the market (yes, I'm lucky) and all of them are harmonious with a very good structure.

Dolcetto d'Alba DOC

Grapes: Dolcetto 100%

Vintage: 2018

Alcohol: 14%

Vinification: in stainless steel

Ageing: in stainless steel

Nose: wild strawberry, red cherry, cranberry

Palate: dry, grippy tannins, fruitforward and fresh

Dolcetto grapes were grown in Langhe territory from very old times. They come from the vineyards with soils of the ancient Helvetian territory: calcareous clayey, siliceous sandstones, calcium and iron. This #Dolcetto is a very vibrant and fruity wine, with lots of floral and red berries' aromas. Tannins are presented, but not that much strong, being well calibrated and balanced with a good structure. Dolcetto is actually basic, easy drinking daily wine, which can be paired with a lot of food types like vegetables, meat and pasta.

Langhe Nebbiolo DOC

Grapes: Nebbiolo 100%

Vintage: 2017

Alcohol: 14%

Vinification: in stainless steel

Ageing: 14 months in old French oak barrels, min 2 months in bottle

Nose: raspberry, dried rose, mushroom, game

Palate: fresh, round, velvety

A really nice Langhe Nebbiolo, young with good acidity well balancing with tannins. The wine with its own character, having a silky texture, dried fruits and earthy flavors. I would say it's rather intense and persistent, very good level for Langhe #Nebbiolo, liked it.

Barolo Mosconi DOC

Grapes: Nebbiolo 100%

Vintage: 2016 (not on the market yet)

Alcohol: 14,5%

Vinification: in stainless steel

Ageing: min 2 years in French oak barrels, 1 year in bottle

Nose: ripe red berries, leather, coffee, pencil shavings

Palate: dry, full body, rich tannins

Barolo Mosconi is crafted of the grapes from old cru located in Monforte d'Alba. The soils are calcareous clayey marls, partially with calcium carbonate and iron. The vineyards are located at about 400 meters, giving grapes for wines of great structure and typical characteristics of the long ageing #Barolo. Gorgeous wine, made in a feminine style, very beautiful with flavors of red currant, plum and spicy hints. Vintage 2016 is a super promising one, it is already clearly demonstrating an enormous potential, these wines, once released on the market, are going to be of exceptional quality and taste. Ageing in #oak gives it complex aromas of tobacco leaves, cloves and roasted almond. Even though tannins are quite strong and the wine is going to show its best after next 5-10 years at least, now it is already rather approachable (my lovely topic). This Barolo wraps around your mouth in a very delicate way, bringing fruity and earthy flavors, firm structure and velvety feeling.

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