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2019 #Lombardia | Lago d'Iseo

Every traveller in Northern Italy knows perfectly amazing lakes as Lago Maggiore or Lago di Garda, but there is one hidden little gem of Lombardia called Lago d'Iseo. It is located just an hour driving from Milan, right in between Lago Maggiore and Lago di Garda, it's not that big and famous as his neighbours, but Lago d'Iseo is definitely super beautiful, more calm, quiet and much less crowded with noisy tourists as the bigger #lakes. It is nice atmospheric place, highly recommended to visit. Moreover, Italian famous sparkling wines' production area Franciacorta is located right along the south part of Lago d'Iseo, so while visiting wineries, drinking shiny bubbles in #Franciacorta, always take a day or at least some time for enjoying Lago d'Iseo landscapes.

My first meeting with this teeny tiny beautiful lake was many many years ago, unfortunately I didn't keep the pics of it (I was not in writing my blog those times yet and didn't collect carefully all those records), but I perfectly remember my feelings that time, like I immediately felt in love with this place. This time, when I planned my Franciacorta #trip, I took care for having a day just for chilling on the lake, free of wineries visits. Actually I was not lucky with weather (yeah, November is not a one of sunshine-guaranteed-months), but it's just a sigh to come back again in summer to catch up some sunny days.

On Saturday we arrived with my friends and, after wineries visit, we've had a chance to walk around the lake before our dinner. We've headed up to Sarnico and Paratico area at it was the closest lake shore to our place. Even if it was rainy and foggy, walking along #lungolago was super nice.

There is new "design park" created on Sarnico side along Passeggiata Giuseppe Riva. Those white metallic figures are sometimes made as chairs, so you can chill on them and enjoy the panorama (we were not able to, as everything around was completely wet).

To have a closer look on these metallic people, the park is dedicated to #love

Sarnico and Paratico are two separate tiny #towns located on two sides of a narrow strip of water when the river Oglio flows into Lago d'Iseo, so the border of these towns is lined right in the middle of the small bridge under the river on one side and the lake on another. Thus once you're crossing this bridge you're in another town already. Voila!

I love such special places as they share unique atmosphere. If you ever been to Deauville and Trouville in Normandy in France, it is totally same feeling as the bridge under a place where the #river La Touques flows into La Manche is the border between Deauville and Trouville-sur-Mer towns.

I planned to spend whole Sunday chilling on the lake and going to Monte Isola and didn't assign appointments to this day on purpose, however the Universe was was not that favourable to me and gave me a super bad weather with heavy rain whole day.

All my plans were ruined and I've just headed up to Clusane, another nice town located at the lake, to have lunch at the place suggested to me by local friends.

Walked along lungolago Clusane a bit, nice small port, in such weather of course calm and quiet.

Ducks don't care about such heavy rain and just browsing around searching for food.

Accidentally found this awesome #art object created by local artist Nadia Gozzi and called "Onde" (Waves). The idea is that the work is "complete" when you look through it to the lake's water. It shows like waves come, grow and change the things, and then, when they leave, everything turns back like it was in before. Liked the concept.

I was literally the only one person walking there under the rain, so the whole #Clusane port and pier were mine.

I'm not a rainy weather lover, but there are some beauties in the nature even in such these conditions. Like those clouds, slowly floating just in a few meters under the lake's surface.

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