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2019 #Liguria | Indian summer on Mediterranean seashore

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

That was the same day when I've made a trip to Gavi in the morning and later in the afternoon moved to beautiful Liguria just to spend some time on the seashore, to relax and recharge the batteries. Weather in Gavi was foggy, cloudy and it was +18C in the air, but once I crossed the mountains between Piemonte and #Liguria and exited a long tunnel right in front of the seaside, it suddenly turned just completely opposite: clear blue sky, sun shining and +26C in the air. Awesome how it's drastically changing within just an hour driving distance.

And yes, all pics are #nofilter

The place, where I stopped to spend that amazing afternoon, was actually chosen by fengshui (my lovely way of doing things). My request to the Universe was like this: calm and quiet place, #sea, sun, palm trees, great seafront promenade, beautiful landscape, nice people and, of course, good wine. All everything was easily found here, in the place called Cogoleto, a teeny tiny village located just right on the #seaside.

Really love seaside in Indian summer or even in winter, when it is not crowded, no noise is in the air, no stress and no worries, so only positive relaxing and cool energy is around, everything is just calm and quiet.

Local people were still sunbathing, as it was quite hot actually, +26C in the end of September. Super weather.

Low season starts, everything is closing, preparing to a winter time.

The sea is still warm crystal clear and #beaches are still open.

Great place and time to chill out and recharge your batteries.

The air is transparent and fragile, typical for Indian summer. Always in love with it.

My personal #Shanti

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