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2019 #Portugal | How to get to Porto from Lisbon? (and back)

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

The way from Lisbon to Porto is easy. Landing in Lisbon airport, getting all the controls done, simply go right and come out of the building just before “My bistrot” cafe and go underground (M = metro). Buying the ticket is not that complicated as it seems from the first side when you see everything written in portuguese on the machines (English is inside). They are definitely faster then the windows with cashiers. Buy just one way card, as you’re not going to stay in Lisbon, price is about 2€.

#GaredoOriente, the train station from where you can catch up the trains to Porto, is just a third stop from #Lisbon airport. Get out there and first enjoy a stunning architectural work, the building itself is superb.

To reach the cashiers (yeah, no lovely machines there) you need to go upstairs by elevator and find the windows 22, 23 and 24 where long distance train tickets are being sold.

Better take #Alfapendular which is the fastest train between Lisbon and Porto, the cost is around 32€ (first class).

The train arrives to Porto #Campanha station, which is 5 min from downtown by taxi.

Alfa does only three stops on the way like Coimbra, Aveiro, Vila Nova de Gaia.

Trains are very comfortable with everything you need including Wi-Fi, TV (just no electric plugs to charge your #iphone, oops) and they’re very fast, average speed is about 100-120 km/h, so the way from Lisbon to Porto takes only 2.45h.

By the way back from Porto to Lisbon I was late to Alfa schedule and as alternative I’ve got IC train (other company). IC trains are a bit different, they do a lot of stops (10 or 11) so the way takes longer like 3.15h and they are not that super-comfy as Alfa (no TVs, soundproof is not that good, no bartender service, etc.)

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