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2019 #BasqueCountry | Getaria village

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Getaria is a coastal village located in the province of Gipuzkoa in the Basque Country with Zarautz to the east and Zumaia to the west.

The place is famous of the things like: being Juan Sebastian Elcano's hometown (a seaman well-known for being the first man to circumnavigate the earth, he was captain of the one ship in Magellan's ill-fated fleet which completed the voyage); being worldwide famous fashion designer Cristobal Balenciaga's hometown (today the museum is there); restaurants serving grilled fish (yes, in Basque Country especially on the Atlantic coast side seafood is a religion) and a white wine, which is cultivated in the surroundings, named Getariako Txacoli.

The area of #Getaria occupies a section of the central coast of Gipuzkoa in the Cantabrian sea. The historic center of the village is located just between the mainland and the mountain San Antón, also called the mouse of Getaria due to its mouse-like shape. This mountain that characterizes the place, was an island until the 16th century. In the interior part of the township, the mountain Garate (278 m) is located.

To enjoy the village views and, of course, to have the best grilled fish in the area, heading to the fisherman's port part will give you a truly right direction.

The beach of Getaria, small and very beautiful.

The village itself located on the slope, so going down to the port area along the beach gives these greenish relaxing pictures.

The population of #Getaria is less then 3000 habitans, makes this place so cozy.

The village's maritime activities were the main source of income in the Middle Ages. In the 15th century the gap that existed between the island of San Anton and the historic center was closed. The harbour is located south of the island, traditionally used as a whaling port. The last capture of a whale by fishermen of Zarautz and Getaria took place in nearby waters in 1878. Nowadays #Getaria is a major port of the Basque coast.

The most famous and the best fish grill restaurants are certainly located in the port area. Having lunch or dinner in one of them with the harbour view is simply the must, just get there and you'll eat your fingers though.

Local Getariako Txacoli is a catch as light, fruity and fresh summer mood #wine. For aperitif, of course, with local pintxos it goes just like "oh my gosh, it's super!". Chilling atmosphere of the harbour, springish weather (it was a slight rain approaching the coast for a half an hour, but then gone and sun rose up again) and slow quiet rhythm of life in this village makes this place so adorable.

After a perfect lunch in the harbour, just take a walk inside the village, to get inspired by that medieval atmosphere and unforgettable spirit of Basque style Atlantic coastal's life.

Jatetxea = restaurant in Basque language (you'll get used to these super hard to pronounce things very soon).

Take your time, relax and get yourself dissolved among these narrow streets for an hour. Slowlife is a treasure, which is barely available when you normally live in megacity anywhere in this world. Just enjoy it right here.

The locals are truly proud of their roots and history, they show it, with honor, in the center of the village, noticeable immediately on your arrival - the fisherman's boat, a symbol of Getaria, the main tool making these people survive and treat their families well during many centuries.

Getaria is definitely a gem on the Basque coast, I loved it a lot and highly recommend to put it in your bucket list while you're in the Basque Country. And now it's a time to go to Zumaia, which is just about 5 min driving along the coast, to see the famous Ruta del Flysh views.

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