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2019 #Lombardia | Ferghettina winery, Franciacorta

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Usually my personal preferences are small #wine estates because of their unique character and soul, more particular approach to terroir and winemaking, and much more exclusive types of wines produced. However, there are some big wineries more mass market oriented in terms of quantity, but in the same time crafting wines of a great quality, taking care about all the details same as small family producers do. Ferghettina estate is one of those, actually it's been started as a small family #winery, but then with passion and energy of the owner, Roberto Gatti, it has grown up to the big estate. Once you're in Franciacorta area don't miss visiting them.

Unfortunately weather was not that good at the day of my visit, it was super foggy and almost impossible to see the surroundings with vineyards, so I didn't take the pics of them, but believe me the area is beautiful.

A bit of history. Ferghettina estate is run by Gatti family, who built it completely from scratch. The owner Roberto Gatti was born in Cazzago San Martino in 1953 in a family of farmers and vinegrowers, then he moved to Erbusco, a commune of #Franciacorta in Lombardia. He gained an experience working for local farm together with his father, and later he was managing wine cellar and vineyards in another well known winery, working there more than 20 years. In 1990 he took over the management of 4 hectares of land and estate in Erbusco, where he soon created a wine cellar. First vintage for Roberto was 1991, so it was a beginning of Ferghettina estate. In 1992 Roberto crafted his first Franciacorta Brut. Since those times Ferghettina has expanded significantly, as Roberto rented many parcels of land for planting vines there. Nowadays estate runs 200 hectares of #vineyards, organic certified in 2017, located in 11 municipalities of Franciacorta, using resources of different soils to enhance the quality of the wines being produced. In 2002 Roberto bought new land in Adro area, built here new winery and cellars in 2005, then expanded it in 2018, investing resources in research, constantly improving the quality of winemaking techniques. Thus the winery now is located here, and Ferghettina is grown to quite big #estate, but it's still carefully operated by the family, everything is managed by Roberto and his wife Andreina with help of their children Laura and Matteo, having support of lots of employees and partners.

Ferghettina produces about 650 000 bottles per year, of which Franciacorta wines is a majority of about 485 000 bottles. The facilities for such production are very well organized, starting from grapes reception with sorting tables on the ground floor, going by gravity to a lower underground level through big pneumatic presses and then again by gravity falling into huge stainless still #fermentation tanks located deeper underground.

The thing I like in big well-organized wineries is a feeling that you're inside of "Enterprise" spaceship, where everything a made of shiny stainless steel and millions of pipes are connected each other. I always expect that behind a next steel tank I would meet someone like Spock and captain Kirk.

This bottle is my true #love and deserves telling the story.

Actually in the past Ferghettina used for Franciacorta normal round shaped #bottles, but as s result of constant research especially for ageing on lees part of Franciacorta production, two years ago Gatti family launched on the market this new square shaped bottle. And a reason is not only because it's beautiful (by the way, no matter what other reasons are, it is super beautiful), but rather more technical approach.

The meaning of such shape is not only aesthetic, but practical, as flat side of this bottle makes more #lees spread on the bottom during ageing than on rounded side of normal bottle, where all lees are concentrated on the thin strip of the curve. So wine in square shaped bottle is in contact with wider surface of lees, what brings more complexity and texture to wine at the end of maturation #smartidea though.

You can still find regular round shaped bottles of Ferghettina on the #market, as new bottle was launched only two years ago and they are partially still laying in the cellar ageing wine on lees, as Franciacorta wines are ageing during 30-40 months. But first new bottles have already started going to market. I've got this new bottle of rose, which in terms of aesthetic is the most beautiful one also because of its color, and later made a gift to my friends from Barolo, who also loved it immediately.

The beauty is always in the simplicity.

Ferghettina Franciacorta Rose vintage 2016 is still in the cellar ageing on lees (min 40 months), tirage 2017 means it can be released to the market somewhere in 2021. Look for it.

Classics. Ageing on lees in the cellar. Love this process.

This Extra Brut in new square shaped bottles is going to see your wine shops' shelves next year, highly recommend you to check for it.

Again practical thing - space, which is for square shaped bottles saved more than in case with round shaped regular bottles placed same way.

As said earlier, Ferghettina estate produces not only Franciacorta DOCG but also still wines of the area, Curtefranca DOC, which are being aged in small oak barriques (partially new and old).

This part of the cellar with wine library is just awesome, super atmospheric.

Yes, the lamp is made of those new square shaped Franciacorta bottles, looks amazing.

And those small lanterns made of new Rose bottles too (an idea for decoration).

Besides having great history, modern production facilities and new beautiful bottles Ferghettina estate produces really great Franciacorta #wine, which I liked a lot. Our tasting line up was made of Brut (and you can see old round shaped bottle here), Milledi Brut Millesimato 2015 and Rose Brut Millesimato 2015.

Franciacorta DOCG Brut

Grapes: Chardonnay 85%, Pinot Noir 15%

Alcohol: 12,5%

Vinification: alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel at average 16-18C, second fermentation in bottle

Ageing: 36 months on lees, plus several month in the cellar after disgorgement

Nose: white flowers, peach, nuts, bread crust

Palate: fresh, good texture, persistent

Franciacorta Brut is the soul of Ferghettina, as they say, it has been crafted since Robereto Gatti started his first production of wines in the area. The production of this Brut takes about 65% of whole Franciacorta volume of the estate (320 000 bottles). It's made of the grapes from 55 vineyards located in all 11 communes of Franciacorta. Dosage is 5 gr, but this sugar is very well balanced with acidity, so it doesn't feel like too sweet. This is very good mass market #Franciacorta, friendly wine, easy drinking, made of a great quality, fresh with flowery notes of Chardonnay notes and good texture thanks to Pinot Noir in the blend.

Franciacorta DOCG Milledi Brut Millesimato 2015

Grapes: Chardonnay 100%

Alcohol: 12,5%

Vinification: alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel at average 16-18C, second fermentation in bottle

Ageing: 36 months on lees, plus several month in the cellar after disgorgement

Nose: nectarine, lemon peel, roasted almond, croissant

Palate: delicate, mineral notes, fine bubbles

Milledi is a special cuvee made of pure Chardonnay picked from 12 vineyards located in 8 communes of Franciacorta. It shows a great expression of terroir, with perfect minerality and citrus freshness. It's existing in Millesimato version only, first vintage was 2007. This great wine is produced in limited quantity of 55 000 bottles per year. Dosage is 4 gr, very close to Extra Brut, #dry and fresh with good acidity, gentle flowery character and delicate nutty notes. If you like Chardonnay grapes and Franciacorta Saten in particular, this wine would be definitely your perfect choice.

Franciacorta DOCG Rose Brut Millesimato 2015

Grapes: Pinot Noir 100%

Alcohol: 12,5%

Vinification: alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel at average 16-18C, second fermentation in bottle

Ageing: 36 months on lees, plus several month in the cellar after disgorgement

Nose: raspberry, earthy, graphite, brioche

Palate: elegant, fruity, rich texture

If it's not a first time you read my blog, then I bet you guessed this wine is my fave from this tasting flight. Super elegant and sophisticated. Pinot Noir is absolutely the king also here in Franciacorta, this wine proves it again. This Rosé is produced of #grapes selected from 14 vineyards located in 4 communes only. It's been made only in Millesimato version as well as Milledi, the first vintage for Rose in #Ferghettina was in 2001. The quantity produced is even smaller than Milledi, about 45 000 bottles only, so chances to find it in your city wine shops are very limited. Dosage is 4 gr works well with high acidity to make this wine feeling drier. Fresh red berries notes and earthiness typical for Pinot Noir is beautifully supplemented with fresh brioche notes of ageing on lees, mineral tones comes from the soil and super fine persistent bubbles.

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