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2019 #DouroValley | Quinta do Tedo

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Quinta do Tedo is a small, very nice #winery, which was recommended to me for visiting by other local winemakers.

The name “Tedo” is given because of a small river Tedo, which is crossing with Douro river exactly in the place when this quinta is built.

They have a nice area of winery itself...

...an outdoor tasting area and special room

Btw there are a lot of birds singing around, that makes you totally relaxing and feeling the nature at its full. It’s hard to see the birds itself they are hiding in the trees, but you can watch them on the winery’s logo everywhere

They are located just right on my favorite beautiful road N222 between Peso da Régua and Pinhão on the riverside, and their vineyards are incredibly beautiful.

They have a horse living at the estate and working for vineyards when needed. This time it was just having fun walking around and enjoying a perfect sunny day.

They have also small #agriturismo of 4 rooms only, where you can stay for a couple of days, a nice option though.

The winery itself is teeny tiny.

Traditional portuguese #lagares made of cement used here and they use “human leg power” while pressing the grapes after harvesting, same like at Quinta do Noval old traditional method, definitely a hard job.

For fermentation they use modern stainless steel tanks.

Besides classic Port they also produce Port Rose so it is being kept here.

On other side of the building they have cellars area, where different types of tanks are used, red cement ones, for special types of Port e.g. #LBV which you need to age for many years before start selling...

...big oak tanks for some Rubies...

...and small french oak barrels to age Tawnies.

At the end they have a special area for keeping their Vintages.

For Vintage Port estate puts the label on the bottles manually. This guy was working exactly on that when we've entered the cellars.

Nowadays the winery belongs to French family Bouchard Père & Fils very well known negociant domaine from Côte d’Or, Burgundy.

You can see some awards and nice notes around like “Vincent Bouchard is a king of Port”.

The tasting room is spacious, comfortable and convenient to spend your time and enjoy the wines, Port and you can try even their olive oil, which is in fact super tasty.

Ladies working there are very professional, welcoming and kind. Special thanks to Andreia, she managed and guided our visit in a perfect way, explained everything, answered a lot of questions, privately told some interesting lifehacks, appreciate a lot.

As the winery produces not only Port but still red wine too, so I asked to arrange combined tasting for me both, including Tawnies and Vintage 1997.

Red still wines were of two types Colheita and Reserva. I can say they are good wines but I wouldn’t mark them as a special thing.

LBV and Fine Tawny are very rich, intense and full of ripe black fruits, caramel and chocolate aromas.

What I would like to highlight is their Vintage. As the winery is very young and operating not that long on the market, their oldest Vintage is 1997, but it’s a great reach, structured wine with lots of fruit aromas and complex flavours of coffee, cigar box and leather. I'm in love with this particular one.

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