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2019 #Bilbao | In the nighttime

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Perhaps you've already learned that #Bilbao is amazing at the day time, but when the nighttime gets onto the city, it becomes even more charming, quiet, peaceful and, I would say, magical.

Guggenheim museum looks totally different in the nighttime - softer edges, less sharpen forms, it's, I would say, less attacking you with enormous shapes, the dark makes it more friendly and lets you get closer without a pressure of Frank Gehry's genius design.

River side is calm and comfortable for walking same in the night time.

I love this pedestrian bridge called Pasarela Pedro Arupe beautiful with those nighttime reflections in the water

Everything made in such modern urban style, with full comfort for people to use all the pieces of this perfect space, in the day time and night time as well.

Puente de Deusto is a drawbridge, so the handrails are created with additional lights first of all for safety, but, in the same time, they look so beautiful during the night.

Lovely spring time is in the air.

This pic is so Bilbao, where modern & old styles are always going along each other and it is the real spirit of this incredible city.

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