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2019 #Bilbao | Casco viejo

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Casco Viejo in Spanish or Zazpikaleak or Alde Zaharra in Euskadi are different names for the medieval neighbourhood of Bilbao, part of the Ibalondo district. The names mean Seven Streets or Old Town respectively and it used to be the walled part of the town until the end of the 19th century. #CascoViejo is the oldest and the most authentic part of Bilbao, including many shops and taverns, several historical super beautiful churches, a large food retail market Mercado de la Ribera, the public theather and a lot of things, which usually attracting for tourists.

I personally prefer the modern part of the city, but Casco Viejo definitely worth visiting and walking along those narrow old streets, seeing old churches, getting glass of wine in old wine bars and feeling that old-style vibe of #Bilbao city.

There are a lot of very old beautiful churches in Casco Viejo, like San Nikolas cathedral.

Just in front, on the other part of the square, there is a massive building of Arriaga Theather.

Saturday is a perfect time to chill with your family and kids, so a lot of locals are enjoing this nice weather browsing around, having a great time in the city.

And, certainly, an old tradition of sipping a glass of wine or having a cup of coffee is very strong here. Actually, in Basque Country obsessed with food and drink culture, you'll find people around always drinking and eating.

Anywhere you step out in Casco Viejo, you'll find a lot of teeny tiny bars full of people, especially on the weekends when it's a perfect weather outside.

Huge impressive #churches are everywhere around on such small territory, this is probably the biggest one, called Bilbao Cathedral.

The lovely street art is everywhere.

All the plates with street names on the buildings in Bilbao made in this authentic old style.

When you get through the narrow Casco Viejo streets to the river side, there is the biggest food market in the city, called Mercado de la Ribera. The concept is similar to any modern good foodmarket you can eat & drink there and also buy fresh products to cook at home.

By the way, the building itself is beautiful.

I truly love the architecture of Bilbao, that mix is so stunning, you watch the different centuries just looking across the road.

Church of Saint Anthony the Great, stands just in front of Mercado de la Ribera.

Getting on the other side of the river to have a glass of wine with a nice view to whole Casco Viejo is highly recommended.

This is Marzana, Bilbao’s Soho. The part where a lot of nice small bars are around, the perfect indie district for bar hopping and chilling with your friends, to enjoy a wonderful day in a great company.

This smooth springish relaxing atmosphere, which this city gives you, is priceless.

Once you've enjoyed Marzana enough, get back on the other side and walk along the river, to see all those great buildings...

...and have fun interacting with local people weekend's leisure things.

The building behind a sculpture is Bilbao's town hall, which is rather nice, but I like the sculpture of Jorge Oteiza much more.

Check out more about the modern part of Bilbao, so you can get a proof how much this city is different and amazing.

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