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2019 #BasqueCountry | Bakio

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Occasionaly found a small very nice surfers' beach called Bakio, just stopped there on they way back from Gastelugatxe to Bilbao. Super relaxing and chilly place for walking and catching up a bit of that oceanic breeze, unless you're surfing (I don't, yet).

It's everything about surfing in the Basque Country as it's located mainly on the Atlantic ocean with a proper climate, wind and waves conditions. There are a lot of truly surfing beaches along the coast, some of them are big and others are small, like Bakio.

Local people from Bizkaia province the closest towns, I bet from Bilbao too, come here just to surf on the weekends or after working day, luckily sun is getting down very late in the evening like around 9pm in the spring time and much later in summer time. Even when you work hard during whole day, then in a half an hour driving from Bilbao you can find a lovely Atlantic ocean's coast with so beautiful nice beaches to chill and relax.

There are some hotels and buildings just right on the beach, looks like in summer time they are quite busy, being rent by #surfers coming from all over the world to enjoy the waves and wind here.

Surfing is a religion in Basque Country, if you ask someone who is in this topic, they'll confirm it's one of the best places in the world for that.

When sun is getting down...

...and the waves become higher...

...it starts the best time of the day, golden hour.

Sunsetting is always mysterious and magical. Love it, especially when it looks like this.

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