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2019 #Aveiro | Atlantic ocean

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

People usually come to Aveiro town to see a “Portuguese Venice”, but another great thing there, which absolutely can’t be missed, is #Atlanticocean just about 10km from the downtown.

Go there to spend some time enjoying perfect beaches with sand dunes and big waves, to engage with a bright sunshine and clear blue sky and to feel the power of the ocean.

Costa Nova beach is absolutely a magical place calm, relaxing, atmospheric and lovely.

Walking along the beach, catching up that salty oceanic breeze, sitting on the sand dunes and giving yourself a break from our busy life, perfect meditation.

The village of #CostaNova is on the lagoon side, it’s not an open ocean already, but also very nice and charming place.

There is a comfortable promenade, take your time to walk along the lagoon and enjoy spectacular views.

The very special thing here in #Aveiro area is the houses painted in different colors with stripes. This is kid of Costa Nova personal postcard.

Design of every house is unique. Take a chance to walk along and find the one you personally like.

There are a lot of good restaurants offering all varieties of fresh #seafood, which comes directly from the fishermen. Every evening right after the sunset they go to open ocean for fishing. All those clams, prawns, fish, squids and many other tasty things arrive every early morning and being served for lunch and dinner.

In 5 min by car from Costa Nova there is another nice beach called Barra. To find is easy, a lighthouse is located just at end of the beach.

As always on Atlantic ocean’s beaches you can find #surfers...

...wide beautiful beaches...

... and fantastic sunsets.

The purely stunning time of the day, when everything around starts gradually becoming pinkish and the ocean is getting a stainless steel color.

Eventually it becomes just fabulous.

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