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One of the most sophisticated regions in Italy, Northern part of the country, former Savoy County, just in a couple of hours driving from French border on the west and an hour driving from Liguria province with Mediterranean coast in the south. Piemonte has a long history, various of landscapes from Alp mountains to Langhe hills and enormously beautiful nature. This part of Italy offers a lot of great attractions like crystal clear lakes, nice little towns, green parks and anything else you expect when travelling to Italy. However, the most famous cultural phenomenon in Piemonte is wine & food, it is simply incredible place for any wine geek and foodie. Travelling to the heart of the region means unexplored Gattinara wine area of Alto Piemonte, rising star Gavi wine zone located closer to the seaside, lovely famous Barolo and Barbaresco wines, beautiful vineyards whole way around, breathtaking views to Langhe hills, extraordinary food, fine #MichelinStar restaurants, and certainly meeting amazing people.


Trattoria del Soggiorno​

typical cuisine Piemontese, teeny tiny place located in the center of Gattinara town, menu is well balanced with meat and fish dishes, risotto is a killer, extensive wine card (even house wine is made by Antoniolo), nice atmosphere and very welcoming service. Always fully packed by locals so book it in advance, closed on Monday whole day and Tuesday lunch.


La Brioska

nice small family run place, good choice of wine, menu is quite limited and mainly about meat as typical local cuisine, no chance for fish and almost no vegetables, raw zucchini are great, good wine card, the owner is serving personally, the chef is his wife, pleasant place. Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.


I Ronchi​

a pizzeria in Ghemme with a big oven and good pizzaiolo, locals are mainly come for takeaway pizza, also have tables and a la carte service, large menu, well made pasta, wine list is not a key, good service. Open everyday.



Ettore Germano

Luigi Pira


Elio Grasso



located on Monforte d'Alba hills with incredible view to La Morra, lovely modern style place with a talented chef Andrea and super attentive Valentina providing a great service, large wine card, menu with a good choice of  both fish and meat, fish carpaccio, pasta with sea urchins, eggplants with tuna chips every dish is a blast. Book in advance for sure, otherwise no chance, closed on Thursday whole day and Wednesday for lunch.


Osteria More e Macine​

located in the center of La Morra town (parking around is an issue), quite large place both inside and a nice terrace, menu is not that big more towards meat, food is good, wine card is normally big for the area, selling local cheeses and meat products as well. One of rare places in Barolo area, which is open everyday from morning till night time.


Da Felicin​

in the heart of Monforte d'Alba town right behind the church, big relais and restaurant made in a classic sophisticated style, beautiful garden in the courtyard, spectacular views from the main big dining area, excellent service, extensive menu mainly about meat, but the chef is super nice to discuss with you personally and offer some customized things based on your preferences (cod fish was tailor made for me by chef as I don't eat meat and he had some limits with fish types in the kitchen that evening). Fully packed always, book it in advance, open everyday.


Osteria Veglio​

on the hills of Annunziata village, family run place with like-home atmosphere, very pleasant service, quite spacious inside and a small terrace with stunning views to whole Langhe area, wide range in wine card, menu has more than enough choices and well balanced between meat & fish, seafood carpaccio and seafood pasta are the musts. Always full, reservation is necessary, closed on Sunday and Monday both whole day. 


Osteria Arborina

#MichelinStar located in La Morra area on the territory of Arborina resort, chef Andrea Ribaldone, sophisticated calm and quiet place, top modern cuisine with Japanese notes, menu with lots of choices, perfect service, lovely atmosphere, wine card is almost ideal, highly recommended. On the second floor there is a bistro with simpler cuisine, when book you need to define what exact place you would like to dine. Reservation is required, closed on Sunday evening and Monday whole day.


Le Torri

great place on the territory of "Le Torri" hotel in Castiglione Falletto's center right after the church's corner, quite large dining room inside extended with outside terrace, beautiful panorama from the main dining area, very good menu, octopus and seafood pasta are both the bomb, fast pleasant service, big wine card, never miss. Better book in advance, closed on Tuesday whole day.   


La Rosa dei Vini

nice place with bed&breakfast and restaurant with typical Piemontese cuisine, located on the hills of Serralunga d'Alba with awesome views, family run, pleasant atmosphere, good food, ravioli with spinach and shrimps are excellent, wine card is full of local wine choices, friendly service.  


La Terrazza da Renza

relaxing place with incredible views from the top of Castiglione Falletto hills, restaurant inside and kind of bar on the terrace with small food menu and large wine card, attentive service (covering you with a warm blanket when it's getting fresh and windy outside), unmistakable choice to spend a couple of hours enjoying Langhe panorama. Closed on Monday evening and Tuesdaay whole day.


Massimo Camia

#MichelinStar lovely meditation place, run by the family, chef Massimo cooks like god, when I asked him "How come you cook so incredible?" he said "Cooking is my passion", cuisine is fabulous, many choices for everyone wants either meat or fish, wine card is enormous with everything you need and even more, ideal service, fantastic atmosphere. Reservation is required, closed on Tuesday whole day and Wednesday for lunch.







La Scolca

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