Christina Butorina

Cosmopolitan by nature, I'm the resident of Russia living in Moscow city, one of the most fascinating megacities in the world. Staying in such vibrant international location, right in the center of everything, gives me excellent opportunities to be engaged in two greatest passions of my life: travelling and wine.


My serious professional relationship with wine started not so long ago. I've finished school of sommelier in 2018, whilst studying I've realized that I absolutely wanted to challenge myself further by immersing myself in awesome world of wine. In 2019 I've been certified at WSET Level 3 Award in Wines of Wine & Spirits Education Trust institution, globally recognized for best in class qualifications in wine world. In the same 2019 I've begun studying French Wine Scholarship program in Wine Scholar Guild international school, the leading provider of specialized certification wine courses. Thus what had started as a mind-broadening exercise by curiosity, had turned into inspiring achievements and terrific ways of enjoying life. 


My travelling infatuation has roots in my original professional area, where I do global marketing and, consequently, work with lots of countries and people around the world. My real travelling experience has began in 2005, when I've started doing marketing for a big company, which meant a lot of connections and business trips worldwide. I have started working with China & Hong Kong, doing trips there every couple of months, and I've realized how much I enjoy discovering new territories and learning authentic cultures. Getting to know way diverse people, trying local cuisines and wines always went along as an essential part of exploring the world. With time I've continued travelling more intensively personally and during all these years I've gained significant experience in globetrotting.


Although it was not always my intention to write about wine, I fell in love with it so much that I fully incorporated it into my life and travels, thus writing about both topics together has become quite natural part of my life. Today, having been in the beginning of my professional wine journey and many years' travelling practice, I have a great pleasure sharing here my best experiences.


When not in Moscow, you can find me anywhere else in this world browsing around old medieval castles, taking a ferry to an island in Atlantic ocean, enjoying an exhibition in a museum of modern art, or eating oysters at a teeny tiny French oyster farm. I frequently visit wine estates of diverse wine regions constantly enhancing my knowledge about viticulture, meet winemakers to learn their incredible experience and take part into wine tastings around the world. In the rest of my time I still do marketing for another industry, which let me keep an eye on the latest trends of digital world.